Meet the Team HRC – JMX for 2019: Akira Narita #114, the most successful racer in Japanese history; MXGP rider and JMX Champion Kei Yamamoto #400; and the all-conquering Honda CRF450RW factory machine


Akira Narita 114

In Japanese motocross, Akira Narita is a superstar – with 12 titles. All Japan Motocross Championship to his credit, Narita is the most successful racer in Japanese history.

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Kei Yamamoto 400

Kei Yamamoto competed in Motocross World Championship from 2014 to 2016. Yamamoto competed again in All Japan Motocross Championship from 2017 and accomplished the title in 2017.

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Machine: CRF450RW

The Honda CRF450RW is the works machine developed by Team HRC’s engineers and the technical might of Honda Racing Corporation and Honda’s R&D department in Japan. It’s a masterpiece of engineering efficiency and performance.

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